Marking World Book Day with the IAEA’s Three Most Popular Publications in 2018

The IAEA makes available nearly 4000 scientific and technical publications for free online, on the wide spectrum of topics the IAEA works on in the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology. Continue reading

Enhancing Safeguards Verification Work with Innovative Technology

An unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is the winner of the IAEA Robotics Challenge. This small floating robot can help IAEA inspectors verify the presence of nuclear material stored underwater. Continue reading

Connecting Experts and Institutions to Increase the Effectiveness of Nuclear Forensics

Connecting scientists, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, nuclear regulators and policy makers strengthens the capabilities to trace stolen or lost radioactive material and support legal proceedings, participants concluded at an IAEA Technical Meet... Continue reading

Viet Nam Enhances Food Quality Using Irradiation

Each morning hundreds of boxes filled with frozen seafood, dried fruits and vegetables, oriental medicines and health foods undergo a process similar to security screening at airports, but with higher intensity beams of photons or electrons – in a food... Continue reading

Using Radiotherapy Masks for Focused Treatment

For most types of radiotherapy to the brain, head or neck area, patients wear a mask to ensure they are in the right position for treatment. These masks are made of thermoplastic and shaped to the face. Continue reading

IAEA Mission Says Germany Is Committed to Strengthening Safety, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Germany is committed to strengthening its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety. The team also noted areas for further enhancement. Continue reading

Analysing the Past with Nuclear Technology

Scientists around the world use radiation to understand and preserve history. In the Albanian National Museum of History, researchers are working with non-destructive methods such as x-rays to study old portraits and metal objects. Continue reading

Targeting Drought with Nuclear Techniques

A global project to read the fingerprints of raindrops is harnessing the power of big data to monitor water supplies for our thirsty planet. Continue reading