World Soil Day 2020: IAEA & FAO lay the groundwork to ‘Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity’

Soil, the ubiquitous living resource beneath our feet, is alive with organisms that work in a coordinated effort to sustain life on Earth. These organisms help soils store carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also providing a home for up t... Continue reading

Phytosanitary Treatments Using Irradiation for Fruit Fly Pests Gain Ground

Before fresh fruits and vegetables trek across oceans and borders along international trade routes and to the aisles of neighbourhood grocers, they may be treated to eliminate, inactivate or sterilize pests. Continue reading

IAEA Experts Conduct First Virtual Safety Peer Review Mission, See Strengthened Safety in Lithuania

In the first such mission held virtually, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Lithuania had strengthened its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety in recent years. The team said there was still room for fur... Continue reading

Milking the Power of Nuclear Technology to Benefit Women Dairy Farmers in Sri Lanka

When women’s income and decision making power rises, the benefits are manifold, trickling from families to communities and society, from one generation to the next. Continue reading

Learning to Account for and Control Nuclear Material: IAEA Safeguards Training Moves Online

From 9 - 20 November, the IAEA conducted its first online State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material (SSAC) training course. Sixteen experts from seven Asian countries joined interactive lessons covering the best practices in nuclea... Continue reading

Under Pressure: Chile Tests its Social Media Response to Simulated Radiological Emergency

It is 9:35 in the morning and the computer screen, previously blank, is now flooded with social media posts. Continue reading

Irradiation Secures Viet Nam’s Fruit Exports

"Irradiated for freshness" written across a juicy mango may raise some eyebrows, but the label has guaranteed Viet Nam exports worth US$20 million a year to the United States. Continue reading

Finland’s Spent Fuel Repository a “Game Changer” for the Nuclear Industry, Director General Grossi Says

Onkalo is a game changer for the long-term sustainability of nuclear energy, Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said today in Olkiluoto, Finland, referring to the world’s first ever deep geological repository for spent fuel, under construction ther... Continue reading