IAEA Director General Grossi Will Work to Expand Agency Support in Nuclear Security

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi welcomed the fact that countries are making increasing use of the Agency’s services to help guard against nuclear terrorism and pledged to build on the great political impetus seen in international cooperatio... Continue reading

Controlling Erosion and Land Degradation in Madagascar with the Help of Nuclear Techniques

Joseph Randriarimalala and Bodonirina Rasoloarisoa, a farming couple in central eastern Madagascar, noticed that their half hectare land was becoming less and less fertile and producing lower yields, but they did not know why and what to do. Continue reading

IAEA Student Competition: Nuclear Technology and Climate Change

Interested in nuclear technology? Take part in the IAEA’s International Student Competition and win a trip to Moscow. Continue reading

Nuclear Technique Suppresses Tsetse Flies Without Harming Other Insects, Senegal Study Shows

A nuclear technique has successfully been used to suppress a major pest – the tsetse fly – in Senegal without inadvertently harming other insects, an eight-year study shows. Continue reading

Now Available: Guidelines on Soil and Vegetation Sampling for Radiological Monitoring

Soil, vegetation and water can be contaminated with natural and artificial radionuclides, including in agricultural, forest and urban environments. Continue reading

Nuclear Power: The Road to a Carbon Free Future

Today, nuclear power provides 10% of the world’s electricity. But to stem climate change, we’re going to need far greater amounts of clean and reliable energy. Continue reading

How an IAEA Doctoral Coordinated Research Project Empowers Medical Physicists in Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques

In low- and middle-income countries there are often too few radiotherapy medical physicists available for cancer care services, and there are even fewer who are qualified to supervise training programmes of new medical physicists and advance research i... Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Important 2020 Events at the IAEA

What's ahead for the IAEA and the global nuclear agenda in 2020? Here is a preview of selected meetings and events: February Continue reading