Driven by Challenge: From Chemistry Student to Spent Fuel Specialist

For young women considering a career in nuclear science and technology, Laura McManniman has simple advice: “Don’t doubt yourself.” Continue reading

Argentina’s Newly Recognized Fruit Fly Free Areas Expedite Fresh Fruit Exports to China

In what is expected to be a major boost to Argentina’s niche fruit exports, areas growing cherries and other stone and pome fruits have been recognized as fruit fly free by China, enabling exports to the world’s largest fresh food market. Continue reading

Radiation Technologies Give Panamanian Experts a Glimpse below the Surface of the Panama Canal’s Waters

With IAEA support, experts in Panama have learned how to leverage radiation technologies to model the movement of sediments in the Panama Canal as well as in nearby lakes. Continue reading

Sampling the Environment for Undeclared Nuclear Activities

IAEA inspectors from the Agency’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria collect samples containing dust particles at nuclear facilities and other locations, using a process known as environmental sampling. Continue reading

IAEA Launches Webinar Series on Training Nuclear Facility Personnel

The IAEA is launching a series of interactive webinars to strengthen the development and implementation of effective training and qualification programmes for nuclear facility personnel. The first webinar, on 9 June 2020, will provide a overview of thi... Continue reading

New IAEA Publication on Safety Analysis and Licensing Documentation for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

Like nuclear power plants, fuel cycle facilities such as fuel fabrication plants, reprocessing facilities and storage sites deal with nuclear material and their operations need to confirm to the highest international safety standards without unduly lim... Continue reading

Nuclear Techniques Support Crop Production on Salt-affected Soils in Middle East

Salinization – the increasing amount of salt content in soil – contributes to land degradation, desertification and subsequently food insecurity. Continue reading

New Donation to Ramp Up IAEA Support to COVID-19 Initiative

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has committed to donating 500 million yen (around €4.35 million) in support of a global initiative launched by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to help countries combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading