IAEA to Ship Vital Testing Equipment to Countries in the Fight against COVID-19

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is dispatching a first batch of equipment to more than 40 countries to enable them to use a nuclear-derived technique to rapidly detect the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Continue reading

New Safety Guide on Safety of Radiation Sources Used for Inspection and Non-Medical Human Imaging: Now Available

Non-medical human imaging is the use of radiation to screen people for purposes other than medical diagnosis, medical treatment or biomedical research. Ensuring its safe use is the focus of the recently issued IAEA Safety Guide on this subject. Continue reading

Preparing to Assist in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency Under all Circumstances

You cannot be “too prepared” for a nuclear or radiological emergency. That is why emergency exercise scenarios should include challenging, high risk, low probability events. Continue reading

How is the COVID-19 Virus Detected using Real Time RT-PCR?

What is real time RT-PCR? How does it work with the coronavirus?  And what does it have to do with nuclear technology? Here’s a handy overview of the technique, how it works and a few refresher details on viruses and genetics. Continue reading

Stuck in Self Isolation? Here are Hundreds of IAEA Online Courses for Free

No downtime: more than 2.5 billion people are in lockdown in over 50 countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you are one of them, you may want to consider the IAEA’s offering of online courses on nuclear related subjects, from basic to advanced. Continue reading

The Clean Energy Transition

How can we combat climate change while ensuring sustainable economic development? Continue reading

Call for Papers: 16th IAEA-FORATOM Joint Event on Management Systems in September

Interested participants have until 30 April 2020 to submit an abstract for a paper or poster presentation at the International Forum on Enhancing a Sustainable Nuclear Supply Chain, organized by the IAEA and the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) in Helsi... Continue reading

Safeguarding Nuclear Material during Corona Crisis

How can the International Atomic Energy Agency continue to deter the spread of nuclear weapons during a global pandemic? Continue reading