One More Thing About The Myth Of The Desert

In the previous post I discussed, among other things, a purely empirical observation on the mass spectrum of elementary particles, which I summarized in a graph where on the vertical scale I put the year of discovery, and where I only cared to plot par... Continue reading

False Myths In Particle Physics

I have long been of the opinion that writing about science for the public requires the writer to simplify things down to a level which is sometimes dangerously close to mislead the uninformed readers. I think is a small price to pay if you want to keep... Continue reading

Scientists Left Behind

As the well-informed readers will realize, I am hat-tipping Hank Campbell and the catchy title of his best-selling book "Science Left Behind" with the title of this post, for lack of more imagination. What I want to discuss is, however, something ... Continue reading

Chi siamo davvero

“Se volete il potere, ad un ceto punto dovete iniziare a diffondere narrazioni. Se volete sapere la verità sul mondo, liberata da tutte le narrazioni, a un certo punto dovete rinunciare al potere”. Forse questa è una delle frasi più … Continua a leggere Continue reading

Choosing Models By Eye

Given the use that people do of Google searches nowadays, and the rather special nature of my usual readership, I feel I may need to first of all apologize for the deceiving title of this post to the 80 to 90% of the visitors, who came to this page by ... Continue reading

Soluzioni economiche contro il riscaldamento globale

Ieri mi è capitato di leggere sul blog di Grillo l’articolo di Luis Garicano, Soluzioni economiche contro il riscaldamento globale. L’articolo, in modo molto semplicistico riassume un paio di concetti nel tentativo di trovare delle soluzioni all’interno della teoria economica standard per … Continua a leggere Continue reading

Why We Need A New Collider

[Update: I found the time to add a few links to the post below, which I had previously omitted for lack of time (hey I'm on vacation!), and I also updated it to add some commentary of Sabine Hossenfelder's latest post on "the end of particle physics".]... Continue reading

When Tevatron Experimentalists Neglected SUSY Searches

Supersymmetry (SUSY) is a possible extension of the Standard Model (SM), the currently accepted theory of subnuclear physics. SUSY has the potential to "explain away" some of the  problematic features of the SM, by introducing a new symmetry betwe... Continue reading