Build Your Own Hadron

Every time I lecture my students about the static quark model I find that the construction of hadrons from their constituents is really entertaining. Probably I have more fun than my students as I explain the details, but today you get to be the judge ... Continue reading

Five Tips For Particle Physics PhD Students, Reloaded

For some reason today I remembered that 11 years ago (wow time flies) I wrote a two-parts piece on advices for PhD students doing a thesis in experimental particle physics. As I checked it out, I found that I mostly share the views I had back then (TBH... Continue reading

Marco Fulvio Barozzi: My Five Cents On Venusian Phosphine

Marco Fulvio Barozzi ( more Continue reading

Più di un milione di vittime

Interessante notare come, mentre il mondo sta raggiungendo il milione di vittime per la prima pandemia del nuovo secolo, la nostra incoscienza poco si preoccupa degli effetti della nostra semplice evoluzione antropica. Con questo non voglio certo minimizzare i danni del … Continua a leggere Continue reading

Those Rare Decays Of Kaons

Particle Physics deals with the study of the elementary constituents of matter, and the interactions that they withstand. When a non-insider hears of elementary particles and the experiments that study them, probably their mind goes to experiments at t... Continue reading

The Hunt For A Cool Rare Decay Of W Bosons

W bosons, what are they? To answer this question, let me first tell you that our world is made of matter held together by forces. If you look deep within, you will realize that matter is essentially constituted by "fermions": quarks and leptons, partic... Continue reading

What It Means To Be Anti-Science

"Anti-scientific thinking" is a bad disease of our time, and one which may affect a wide range of human beings, from illiterate fanatics such as anti-vaxxers and religious fundamentalists on one side, to highly-educated and brilliant individuals on the... Continue reading

A Science Communication Proposal For Pandemic Times

As every other aspect of human life, science communication has suffered a significant setback due to the ongoing Covid-19-induced pandemic. While regular meetings of scientific teams can be effectively held online, through zoom or skype, it is the big ... Continue reading