IAEA Holds Exercise to Test International Capabilities for Assistance in the Event of Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies

The IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre tested international emergency preparedness and response capabilities with 39 Member States and 3 international organizations over three days in March 2019. Continue reading

Siting and Site Evaluation for Nuclear Power Plants in Focus at IAEA Workshop in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, the latest country to launch a nuclear power programme, has initiated the process to select a site for a nuclear power plant and aims to grant a site licence in September 2020, local officials have confirmed. Continue reading

Challenges in Nuclear Verification

Statement at the Center for Strategic and International Studies by IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano. Continue reading

New Safeguards Tool Bolsters IAEA’s Verification of Spent Nuclear Fuel

For all States with a Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement in force, the IAEA seeks to verify that all nuclear material remains in peaceful activities.  Continue reading

How Nuclear Techniques Help Feed China

With 19% of the world’s population but only 7% of its arable land, China is in a bind: how to feed its growing and increasingly affluent population while protecting its natural resources. Continue reading

IAEA Mission Says Estonia Committed to Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, Sees Areas for Further Enhancement

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Estonia’s national programme for managing radioactive waste demonstrated a commitment to safety, while also noting areas where it could be further enhanced. Continue reading

Tracing Radioactive Material with Nuclear Forensics

When any suspected radioactive material is found, for example at a border crossing or in a police raid, it is time to call in the nuclear forensic experts. Continue reading

Strengthening the Non-Proliferation Treaty ahead of the Review Conference in 2020

Statement at the United Nations Security Council briefing by IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano. Continue reading