IAEA Presents New Peer Review Service for Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources Technical Centres

The management of disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS)—including characterization, packaging, removal and other aspects—is a service much in demand. Continue reading

Improving Food Security in Africa with Nuclear Techniques

Food and nutrition security — or regular access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food — continue to be challenged by often overlapping factors, including droughts, floods or harmful insects. Continue reading

New Members Elected to IAEA Board of Governors

Eleven countries have been newly elected to serve on the 35-member IAEA Board of Governors for the 2022–2023 period. The election took place on Thursday, 29 September, at the plenary session of the 66th IAEA General Conference. Continue reading

More Plastic Than Fish by 2050 – IAEA Event Gathers Experts Working Together to Save Marine Environments from Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has become one of the major global environmental challenges of the century; projections show that by 2050 the oceans may have more plastic than fish. Nuclear technology has emerged as one innovative solution to this growing problem. Continue reading

Nuclear Operators’ Forum: How Harmonization Benefits the Operating NPP Fleet

Nuclear power plant (NPP) operators, faced with a high number of suppliers and differing standards of industrial parts, increasingly see harmonization of their interactions with the supply chain as key to the success of existing and future NPPs. Continue reading

New Challenges and Opportunities Addressed at Ninth Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network Plenary Meeting

International efforts to strengthen nuclear safety and security, as well as ways of promoting IAEA legal instruments, capacity building and eLearning initiatives in this field, were among the main topics discussed during the Ninth Global Nuclear Safety... Continue reading

New IAEA Publication on Climate Change and Nuclear Power Highlights Potential in Africa

Government ministers and officials from several countries in Africa discussed the potential of nuclear power in supporting sustainable development and the transition to clean and reliable energy as the IAEA released a new publication on climate change ... Continue reading

New Seals to Verify the Use of Nuclear Material and Technology Demonstrated at IAEA General Conference

Today, at an event on the sidelines of the IAEA General Conference, participants received a demonstration of the new safeguards field verifiable passive seal – an upgrade to an important tool in verifying that nuclear material is kept in peaceful use. Continue reading