From Theory to Practice – Experts Discuss Progress of IAEA’s Initiative to Fight Plastic Pollution

By 2050, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Radiation and nuclear technologies provide solutions to help return oceans to a healthy, thriving state, with experts developing innovative ways to recycle plastic waste and monitor plastic pol... Continue reading

Rays of Hope: Widening Global Access to Cancer Care

Rays of Hope -- the IAEA’s flagship cancer initiative -- had an impactful first year, with ‘first wave’ countries already seeing significant improvements in their radiotherapy infrastructure, and the five inaugural Anchor Centres being formally establi... Continue reading

The IAEA Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre is Set to Open

A sneak preview of the first ever international Nuclear Security Training and Demonstration Centre (NSTDC) and the training activities planned to start in October 2023 was given today during a side event held at the margins of the 67th IAEA General Con... Continue reading

Scientific Forum 2023 Film: Nuclear Innovations for Net Zero

The IAEA Scientific Forum is the flagship side event of the General Conference, and in 2023 focused on nuclear innovations for net zero. Continue reading

Che occhi piccoli che hai!

Cardinalis cardinalis maschio. Crediti: Rhododendrites /Wikimedia CommonsLe luci brillanti delle grandi città potrebbero essere all’origine di un adattamento evolutivo degli occhi di alcuni uccelli canori stanziali, più piccoli fra gli individui che vivono in città rispetto a quelli di periferia. Per gli uccelli migratori questa differenza non si presenta. È il risultato di uno studio a guida statunitense pubblicato la settimana scorsa su Global Change Biology. Daniele Gardiol (Inaf): «I cieli bui stanno scomparendo, ma sono una risorsa» Continue reading

67th IAEA General Conference: Day 1 Highlights

At the start of the plenary session on the first day of the IAEA’s 67th General Conference Ms Vilawan Mangklatanakul of Continue reading

Three More Countries Commit to Safe, Secure and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology

At the annual Treaty Event on the sidelines of the 67th regular session of the IAEA General Conference today, three more countries pledged their commitment to nuclear safety, security, and the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Continue reading

ZODIAC: Helping Prevent Future Pandemics with Nuclear Techniques

Zoonotic diseases – or diseases which can pass from animals to humans – pose a significant threat to global health. The IAEA is supporting countries around the world to use nuclear-derived techniques to help prevent future pandemics with its Zoonotic D... Continue reading