International Conference on IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme to Start Tomorrow

The IAEA and its partners will showcase the achievements and impact of technical cooperation over the last six decades and explore strengthened partnerships with and among Member States, United Nations organizations, financial institutions and the pri... Continue reading

IAEA Director General Visits Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia to discuss ways in which the IAEA can support the Balkan nations in the peaceful use of nuclear technology. Continue reading

Ten New Nuclear Reactors Connected in 2016, Bringing Generating Capacity to Highest Ever

Ten new reactors were connected to the grid in 2016, according to the 2017 edition of 'Nuclear Power Reactors in the World', published recently. Continue reading

African Radiopharmacists Put New Skills to Use

Radiopharmaceutical is a key component of nuclear medicine, and is crucial to fight cancer and several other medical conditions. Their use, however, requires extensive personnel training on patient safety and equipment handling.

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Stable Nitrogen Isotope Helps Scientists Optimize Water, Fertilizer Use

Experts in a growing number of countries are using a nuclear technique to help farmers increase crop yields, optimize fertilizer use and evaluate varieties of rice, cereals and vegetables for their efficiency in making the best use of fertilizers and a... Continue reading

Insect Pest Control Management Conference Discusses New Techniques and Approaches

Harmful insect pests can cause billions of dollars' worth of damage to food and livestock and transmit diseases such as malaria or the Zika virus. Continue reading

IAEA Fellows Protect the Marine Environment

Researchers trained at the IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco are applying various nuclear techniques back in their home countries to preserve the marine environment. Continue reading

How to Cover Liabilities From Nuclear Accidents: IAEA Workshop Promotes Adherence to International Instruments

Understanding the basic principles of the international nuclear liability regime was the main objective at the sixth IAEA Workshop on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage in Vienna last week. Continue reading