Philippines: Radiation-Processed Seaweed Increases Typhoon Resistance of Rice

Researchers in the Philippines have found that an extract of seaweed, when processed with radiation, can make plants more resistant to typhoons and boost rice production by 20–30%. Continue reading

Medical Imaging: The Right Test at the Right Time

The use of radiation in medical imaging is essential for detecting diseases and saving lives – but it must always be justified. Continue reading

X-rays Help to Uncover Who Painted a Centuries-old Masterpiece in Albania

Albanian researchers have used X-rays to discover who painted a delicate, centuries-old masterpiece of Saint George, one of Christianity’s most famous saints. Continue reading

Ensuring Emergency Preparedness

Professionals from 15 European countries participated in the School of Radiation Emergency Management in Tulln, Austria. Continue reading

Pilot Course Based on New Guidance Helps to Increase Security of Radioactive Material in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A new draft guidance document that aims to increase the security of radioactive material including, for the first time, specific provisions for the use and storage of radioactive waste and mobile sources formed the basis of a new training programme tha... Continue reading

National Strategies for Nuclear Safety Regulatory Competence Needed, Regulators Conclude at IAEA-Supported Meeting

Establishing a national strategy is a must to ensure a sustainable supply of competent, well-trained regulatory staff who can effectively oversee nuclear safety. Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Important 2019 Events at the IAEA

What's ahead for the IAEA and the global nuclear agenda in 2019? Here is a preview of selected meetings and events: Continue reading

IAEA Highlights and Achievements in 2018 – a Year in Review

The inauguration of a new nuclear research laboratory building, two anniversary review missions, quarterly reports on the monitoring of Iran's nuclear-related commitments and a ministerial declaration on further cooperation for realizing the potential ... Continue reading