Enhancing Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Security in Africa

Strengthening national regulatory frameworks for nuclear security against threats from malicious acts involving nuclear or other radioactive material in Africa is the main objective of a comprehensive IAEA project on 'Enhancing National Regulatory Fram... Continue reading

Canada Pursues More Eco-friendly Food Packaging from Irradiated Nanofibres

Across the globe, discarded food packaging is polluting public spaces and pushing already overloaded landfills to the brink. Continue reading

New Web-Based System Streamlines Safeguards Information Exchange With IAEA

Next month, the IAEA will launch a new web-based system streamlining the submission of safeguards declarations by States. Continue reading

Chile Stays Ahead in the Race for Scarce Minerals With Radiation Technology

Competition is heating up in the multibillion dollar global race for high-grade minerals and metals as known resources grow scarce and demand increases for their use in all kinds of everyday products, from mobile phones to pots and pans. For countries ... Continue reading

IAEA and China Sign Transit Agreement for LEU Bank

IAEA Director General and Wang Yiren, Acting Chairman of the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), signed a transit agreement last week for the transport of low enriched uranium (LEU) in support of the IAEA LEU Bank. Continue reading

CNS: Review Meeting Identifies Ideas to Improve Nuclear Safety

Contracting Parties highlighted the importance of sustaining and enhancing a nuclear safety culture, maintaining effective legal frameworks, and enforcing safety precautions within the supply chain following a two-week review of nuclear power plant saf... Continue reading

IAEA and WANO Strengthen Cooperation to Increase Nuclear Safety

The IAEA and the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) need to increase cooperation on safety peer review services they offer to nuclear operators to maximize safety benefits, increase efficiency and avoid conflicting advice, said several delegates at this week’s 7th Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

Continue reading

Nicaraguan Experts Fight Cancer in Women and Children, with Support from the IAEA

Nicaraguan officials have taken a leap forward in fighting cervical, breast and paediatric cancer with the help of the IAEA. Continue reading