Ensuring Safe and Secure Passage for the Nuclear Industry’s Vital Natural Resource

Uranium shipments are like VIP travellers. They go by land, sea or air and have layovers like any other traveller, but their global influence and appeal to criminals means every detail of their journey is designed to ensure safety and security each ste... Continue reading

IAEA Conducts OSART Reviews to Improve Safety at Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear safety can never be taken for granted.  Continue reading

Advancing Ocean Acidification Science: IAEA Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre Turns Five

As ocean acidification research evolves and more scientific papers are published each year, there is a mounting need to synthesize and compare data so that countries can properly respond to the issue. Continue reading

Nuclear Medicine: Leading Associations Meet to Strengthen Global Patients Care

Heads of associations and societies in nuclear medicine from around the world met at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna last week in a first-ever group meeting of such experts from all continents to examine the opportunities and challenges they face in th... Continue reading

Plant Mutation Breeding in Indonesia

Tempeh, made of fermented soybeans, is a national staple in Indonesia. Due to an increase in population and living standards over the last couple of decades, however, consumption has increased considerably and Indonesia has gradually lost its self-suff... Continue reading

How Nuclear Science is helping Latin America and the Caribbean

Representatives from 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries were at the IAEA’s headquarters in Vienna to participate in the annual meeting of parties to ARCAL, a cooperation agreement signed in 1984 that has helped countries in the region tackle iss... Continue reading

Reaching a Million Students by 2021: IAEA Launches Nuclear Science Education Programme in Asia Pacific

Last month, an IAEA initiative aimed at secondary school science teachers took off in Indonesia. Continue reading

IAEA Partners with Brazil’s SBMN to Facilitate Training for Nuclear Medicine Professionals in Latin America, the Caribbean and Parts of Africa

The IAEA signed a practical arrangement today with the Brazil-based Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Nuclear (SBMN) which will increase training opportunities for nuclear medicine professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), as well as in Po... Continue reading